So I’ve Been A Little Quiet… (New Blog Coming Soon)

You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting recently but not to worry, I have not forgotten you!! I’m currently working on an even better gluten-free blog – my new blog will be faster, glossier and all round more fancy pants!

It should be up and running next month (March), you will be able to find it at

I will still be blogging about all the gluten free goodies in the city (and I’ve got so many more places to share with you) along with other stylish bits and bobs!

See you on my new site soon!

Candice x


Cookie Swap!

Cookie Swap is a fantastic concept whereby passionate bakers, food bloggers and sugar addicts descend on the city to swap and share cookies. I recently attended not one, but TWO cookie swaps…all in one day!!

I’m afraid that I was too busy gobbling up cookies to take any decent photos, however, here’s a roundup of just a few of the fabulous cookies and treats that I fell in love with along the way…

Triple chocolate peppermint bars 002 Cookie Swap!

Gluten Free Triple Chocolate Peppermint Bars

These were beautifully chocolatey and moist with a refreshing zing of mint. These bad boys were baked by Elvira who runs the Meriyinda bakeshop. She also made some super tasty peanut bars, which had delicious chunks of chocolate in them and really were fantastic! But don’t take my word for it, you can order brownies and bars from Merinda yourself right here and see for yourself…——————————-

cocoa pecan bar Cookie Swap!


Cocoa Pecan Banana Bars (Gluten and Dairy Free)

My next favorite was from a wonderful Spanish couple who kindly sent me the recipe which I will be sure to recreate and post up on the blog (stay tuned). These bars were incredibly moist and light, I would plot them somewhere between a chocolate marbled banana bread and a brownie – dangerously addictive! Read more…

Gluten and Dairy Free Jaffa Cakes

Jaffa cakes are a classic British treat and somewhat of a British institution - in production since 1927, the UK churns out a mega 1.19 billion Jaffa cakes a year (they really are that good!). Contrary to the name, these babies are actually cookies, a cake style cookie if you like…

I remember my first bite, age 5. The spongy base and zingy orange center coated in dark chocolate was to turn me into a true jaffa-hollic, I was in love! Sadly for me, gluten intolerance put an end to that love affair, the store bought gluten free ones just didn’t cut the mustard. I recently started experimenting with making my own gluten and dairy free Jaffa cakes, and oh boy am I glad I did.

Here’s the recipe (adapted from this standard recipe here), I highly recommend that you whip up a batch for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!

jaffa cakes 749x500 Gluten and Dairy Free Jaffa Cakes


(Makes 12 cookies)

Sponge base:

2 large free-range eggs
1/4 cup caster sugar
1/2 cup all purpose gluten free flour *I highly recommend Better Batter’s gf flour mix


22g of orange flavor Simply Delish Jel dessert (1/2 packet)*Available in Wholefoods
75ml orange juice
125ml boiled water
1 1/2 teaspoons of orange/mandarin marmalade (optional) *I used Bonne Maman’s Mandarin 

100g 70% cocoa dark chocolate *I used Lindt Read more…

Caracas Arepa Bar – 100% Corn

Caracas Arepa Bar is a Venezuelan restaurant specializing in serving arepa – 100% corn flour buns stuffed with tasty meat or veggies. Think of an arepa as the cooler, jazzier, latin cousin of the sloppy joe…

I first discovered the joys of arepa not in Venezuela (although maybe someday!) but in London. David, who I had just started dating, upon learning about my gluten-freeness raved about a small stall in Camden Lock Market selling them and swore I would love them. He was right, they were crazily good. Londoners (and London bound) you can find out more here.

Propelled on by the memory of this first, delicious arepa we decided to check out the Caracas Arepa Bar in Brooklyn.

Caracas Arepas Brooklyn 749x500 Caracas Arepa Bar   100% Corn

With a lively ambiance, this place was pretty busy so we took a seat at their rum bar and waited for table. Read more…

Brooklyn Night Bazaar and Oaxaca’s Gluten Free Tacos

Meet the hippest new event in NYC – The Brooklyn Night Bazaar. Hosted in an empty Williamsburg warehouse and referred to as the “naughty late-night cousin of Smorgasburg“,  this neon gem will be gracing us with its presence every Friday and Saturday night throughout winter and beyond.

Having heard much excited chatter about its opening weekend, I decided to rock on down to see what all the fuss was about, little did I know that I was also about to discover what might just be the best tacos in town…

oaxaca tacos stall 751x500 Brooklyn Night Bazaar and Oaxacas Gluten Free Tacos

As soon as we entered the bazaar we made a beeline for the food stalls. It didn’t take long for us to spot the taco stall - Oaxaca’s Tacos, we headed straight there Read more…


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